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Action (2 storylines)

Fictional storylines that should be full of dire, desperate situations and events. The characters may be of unpredictable dispositions and may react to the same situations in different ways, by different means and could involve the use of weapons.

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Adventure (2 storylines)

Work of fiction that describes fictional people, events and places. The characters must have embarked on a mission into an unknown environment. The mission could be such as treasure hunting, discovery of some legendary locations, for example. How they react to unforeseen situations, obstacle and the environment that they encounter will create the desired outcome and outline whether the adventure was successful or a total failure.

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Children's Forum (3 storylines)

These are storylines designed to amuse, entertain and teach the young ones. Stories should be built around basic concepts of responsible living – honesty, hard work, discipline, respect, self-esteem and all the values that any responsible parent would want a child to practice. The language here should be simple and unambiguous, with the sole purpose of encouraging very healthy upbringing of our future generations.

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Comedy (4 storylines)

A storyline comprising of funny characters, comical events and situations. Comedies should be full of genuine humour because they are meant to make people to laugh. Characters should be totally fictional. There are normally no restrictions on what the situations could be or the kind, caliber of persons that could be involved.

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Crime (8 storylines)

These storylines are fictional situations involving a crime such murder, robbery, kidnapping or other related criminal activities. It may also involve a form of detective work by a professional detective or curios concerned individual in order to solve the crime. Contributors should use their imagination to create events, location and environments that may be based on something that had actually happened.

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Fantasy (0 storylines)

These stories may include children’s stories. They may also include stories imaginary beings, planets, science fiction or supernatural forces and circumstances. Folklore or myths could be part of the storylines here. The contributors can really allow their imagination to run wild and fantasize.

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Historical (1 storyline)

For historical storylines, contributors will try to rewrite history! Storylines may start off on a real historical event, but contributors will try to interpret the situation and give it a new flavor by suggesting how events would have turned out differently had the incidents taken some different directions.

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HOMELINES (1 storyline)

A forum for discussing home matters ranging from cooking, to house keeping etc 

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Horror (4 storylines)

Horror storylines will be based on imaginary people, beings, events, locations, situations but all imagined to create a sense of awe. Here supernatural beings and forces could be used extensively to achieve the sense of fear and scare the audience.

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How To Do Things (1 storyline)

A learner’s workshop. This forum provides step-by-step explanations on how to accomplish a particular task. Contributor(s) must provide the details of their submissions and the procedures to be followed in accomplishing the task under consideration but in a clear and concise manner. The Contributor(s) should be able to guarantee the success of the procedures.

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Inspirational Stories (2 storylines)

Stories that touch the heart. True to life experiences of ordinary people demonstrating and celebrating the capacity of the human spirit to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and situations through sheer force of will power, determination and patience

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Music Lessons (0 storylines)

Learn How to play musical instruments 

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Mystery (5 storylines)

In mystery storyline, the contributors would try to suggest solutions to a mysterious event and how it could be resolved. Events could be a crime, death, financial crime, disappearances, kidnappings to mention but a few.

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Poetry (3 storylines)

Must be original composition of the Contributor(s). The forum presents a platform for writers’ poetic expressions of life, circumstances, events, issues, entities and so on but as seen from a poet’s specific perspectives.

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Romance (7 storylines)

Romance will involve storylines on relationships, love affairs, how they should evolve and how they could end. Romance also my entail some betrayals and crime. It should portray life as it is in realty with all the attending obstacles and challenges.

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Thriller (4 storylines)

The thriller storylines are meant to keep the audience in suspense by creating fear mixed with excitement. It should be packed with sense of expectations and could involve elements of crime, adventure and action.

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