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A problem too many

By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 468 views | Created 1st June 2016
Okeke sat on the half grassy and half sandy field, head buried deep underneath his big body. It appear he was crying. If only he had accepted a simple apology, what would eventuall...

SS3 Girls

By moderatoramina | 7 scenes | 2 proposed scenes | 2,470 views | Created 1st June 2016
I am beginning to doubt the wisdom of my mercy. . .The wisdom of my mercy.   I watched the last episode of revenge last night. Its my favoriteshow. What better way to en...


By MODERATOR1 | 1 scene | 4 proposed scenes | 493 views | Created 26th May 2016
As Hadiza sat at her cereals, Hajia came inside and turned down Dora the Explorer on the television ?Diza baby, I've told you that you outgrew Dora many years ago? Her m...

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