Mount Holy

By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 645 views | Created 1st June 2016
Music and laughter is a thing not too far away from Mount holy church and its choir. If it wasn?t Ade throwing in paltry jest during these tense choir sessions, nor the agonising...

Local Talent

By moderatoramina | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 421 views | Created 1st June 2016
It was rainy season. The ground wet and slick like an oily stretch. It was a bore for the young lovers of the Ndiagbana village, as they couldn't enjoy the luxury of hanging out un...

One Chance

By MooderatorAdmin | 2 scenes | 1 proposed scene | 546 views | Created 1st June 2016
It?s a Monday morning. For twenty nine year old Nosa, it?s the beginning of another week of job hunting. Having graduated from university four years ago, his worst nightmare ha...


By MODERATOR1 | 1 scene | 6 proposed scenes | 971 views | Created 1st June 2016
The salon was hot today as the air conditioner was broken. Madam Scissors Hands was going about trying to placate her customers and calm them down. ?Don't worry beautiful ...

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