Bogus Days

By Moderator_Emmanuel O | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 796 views | Created 2nd June 2016
"jeesum peace!" She wailed as her tone of voice rose and fell as she accompanied the sound with triple soft claps with her palms as if she were making a melody inspired by the s...

Devouring Sheep

By ModeratorOlatunji | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 686 views | Created 30th May 2016
On Saturday by midday, Sam left his noisy neighborhood for his serene church where he usually reads and writes his official reports before joining the choir rehearsal at 3:00pm. Ob...

Taking the Fall

By MooderatorAdmin | 1 scene | 13 proposed scenes | 3,241 views | Created 31st May 2016
The door swings open, and the two love birds walk into the master?s bedroom of the duplex, hand in hand. They had started romancing, the moment they entered the sitting room. Del...

Broken Petals

By MooderatorAdmin | 1 scene | 3 proposed scenes | 755 views | Created 26th May 2016
 Barrister Mofe stood up, shuffled his papers and turned to the jury. They were not looking encouraging at all, he bent towards the table and made another show of arranging a ...

Rest In Prison

By moderatoramina | 1 scene | 9 proposed scenes | 2,325 views | Created 1st June 2016
Just the way they say with every difficulty, there is a relief. I am on my way to finding relief. I thought the world had ended for me when Chris touched me. I stayed at his...

Tega's Dilemma

By MooderatorAdmin | 1 scene | 1 proposed scene | 1,144 views | Created 25th May 2016
   As Tega shuffled along the dusty path, he kept looking back. He expected Big Daddy to be on his heel with that long tattered cowhide bearing down on his own hide like ...


By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 4 proposed scenes | 460 views | Created 31st May 2016
Jolayemi intersection was popular not only for its huge traffic gridlock, but also for the perception that a full grown adult could disappear into the thin air in broad daylight. P...


By abushanka | 1 scene | 4 proposed scenes | 690 views | Created 31st May 2016
Kunle Salako awoke to sweat dripping from his back and slowly sliding down to the sheets as he lay on his stomach in the bedroom. The air was still and he realized PHCN (Power Hold...

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