The Approaching Bluster

By ModeratorOlatunji | 1 scene | 1 proposed scene | 675 views | Created 2nd June 2016
Chibuzor and Emeka were cavorting along the shore of Eleghusi beach, he touched her so affectionately and she couldn't help but planted a kiss on his lips, she slid her tongue into...


By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 2 proposed scenes | 797 views | Created 2nd June 2016
The season was in tune with periods where the cloud gave out rain without thinking twice. And usually they were heavy down pours. Outside Joy's window, there was this intense battl...


By MODERATOR1 | 1 scene | 3 proposed scenes | 444 views | Created 2nd June 2016
Affiong doubled her steps, and by now she was sure the footsteps she was hearing wasn't hers. The rain had fallen a few hours ago so the forest floor was wet yet the crackling of l...

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