The long walk down road Karm

By Moderator_Emmanuel O | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 708 views | Created 2nd June 2016
Struggling to walk properly because of his bent back, he managed to keep moving on, even as the scorching heat of the sun burned his scalp and the steaming sand beneath his feet ro...

Walking Dream

By moderatoramina | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 554 views | Created 30th May 2016
I had that dream again. I saw Mama walking. More like creeping. Mama can't walk. Mummy brought me to the village to take care of Mama. She is old and crippled....

Village Dilemma

By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 411 views | Created 30th May 2016
Our dearest Johny had just returned from the village, after last visiting nine years ago, with an unfriendly expression that details his state of exhaustion from the seemingly excr...

Walking on Eggshells

By MooderatorAdmin | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 557 views | Created 30th May 2016
It?s the dead of the night. Everyone is asleep, likewise the moon. There?s cold silence, save for the occasional chirpings of the birds. It?s the rainy season. The weather is...


By MODERATOR1 | 1 scene | 1 proposed scene | 517 views | Created 24th May 2016
kunle was the type that would never pass at an opportunity to participate in anything that has play written around it, and everyone around him knew it. Being only 15 years of age a...

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