Pride and Prejudice

By Nextscenes | 4 scenes | 1 proposed scene | 968 views | Created 6th April 2017
Chapter 1It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.However little known the feelings or views of such a m...

The Mirage

By ModeratorOlatunji | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 995 views | Created 30th May 2016
"Emeka got married to Mary and Sola got married to Pastor Elvis and relocated to the UK" THE MIRAGE Emeka and Sola crossed each other's path during an outreach in Kirikiri Pr...

Tade My Beloved

By moderatoramina | 1 scene | 2 proposed scenes | 1,749 views | Created 1st June 2016
Kiki suddenly wished she could be in the comfort of her room. Her maxi sized platform bed, the soft pillows and her fluffy pink blanket. Baba had just agreed to fix an air conditio...

Finding the future in the past

By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 4 proposed scenes | 1,116 views | Created 2nd June 2016
If you walk closely along the kerb on wall street in Ikeja you?d see a great signpost and next to that signpost is the house sarah lives. Sarah seems like a nice young lady, simp...

Love Like Gall

By ModeratorOlatunji | 1 scene | 2 proposed scenes | 1,442 views | Created 1st June 2016
Kemi and Idris met at the cinema uptown, they got talking and the chemistry was unbelievable-- Kemi hardly welcome conversation from a strange especially in a public place but Idri...

In The Waiting

By MooderatorAdmin | 1 scene | 4 proposed scenes | 918 views | Created 2nd June 2016
The ?grin grin? sound of the silver alarm clock resonates in the spacious bedroom whose exquisite deco looks like that of a five star hotel. The bright pink, oxblood and yellow...


By abushanka | 1 scene | 11 proposed scenes | 1,216 views | Created 1st June 2016
Shade Roberts sat in front of her dressing table looking at herself in the mirror. She was beauty and she knew it, but it hadn't all been God-given. She had worked at it. And paid ...

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