King of Girls

By ModeratorAkin | 4 scenes | 0 proposed scenes | 478 views | Created 30th August 2016
The powerful sound of the Sony surround speakers hit her like a thunderstorm. Binta's excitement climbed as the combined effect of four glasses of premium Champaign hit her brain. ...

Purple Ombre Cake

By moderatoramina | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 365 views | Created 29th May 2016
Glancing through the kitchen, where it happened last night. Here it happens, almost every night. Picking up the pieces of the egg whisk I ordered from dealdey last week. '...


By Moderatorifeanyi | 1 scene | 1 proposed scene | 501 views | Created 1st June 2016
February 14th of every year is said to be the day of lover's hang-out, but only for the people of the "outside world" as the natives of whitehouse would usually reference...

The Leaking Vessel

By ModeratorOlatunji | 1 scene | 0 proposed scenes | 356 views | Created 2nd June 2016
Lekan is a 27 years old gaunt-looking Poet with unkept hairdo and scattered beards, his left foot had been withered from birth-his heel had been raised in a permanent tiptoe, so h...

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